Main Identity

The identity of Gangwon Triennale 2021 is expressed and highlighted in the theme of the Triennale, Warm Revitalization. The letters in the middle of the poster are the translated images of the first part of the keywords, WARM. The soft, expanding images of the letters represent the blossoming and reviving energy of life. Hot pink that signifies restoration, rebuilding, and regeneration is used as the primary color to convey the fresh vitality and the spirit of revitalization toward the future, as well as the healing of the catastrophic time of the present.

Color Palette

Hot Pink

# FF2A73




K 100%


산돌고딕 네오 볼드 Heavy 산돌고딕 네오 볼드 Heavy

산돌고딕 네오 볼드 Heavy

산돌고딕 네오 볼드 Heavy 산돌고딕 네오 볼드 Heavy

Univers 67 Condensed Bold

The English words of the theme were turned into patterns to symbolize the process of healing: separation and generation. The straight calligraphic font is used to demonstrate the commitment to restoration and revitalization. The expanded and transformed images of the letters capture the determination to overcome the challenging time confronting us and pursue the transformation of life and arts.